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Constantine Panagiotatos Coaches Soccer at Buckley School in Spare Time

Constantine Panagiotatos has always been an avid athlete, whether it be organized sports or a pick-up game with friends. In fact, while attending prep school in Maine, he participated in his school’s soccer team and rowed crew. To stay active during his post-school years, Constantine Panagiotatos found time to contribute to the New York Rugby Club, where he developed not only great memories but even better friendships. In between his communications and advertising work, Constantine Panagiotatos coached soccer at the Buckley School.

Constantine Panagiotatos is a creative media relations professional that has placed clients in entertainment, beauty and lifestyle in mega media outlets like ESPN, Univision, Maxim, Fox News, AdWeek and more. He is known for approaching media with a lucrative story already in place, and working closely with who he pitches to secure the right exposure for his clients.

Constantine Panagiotatos grew up in Westchester County NY and began his journey into the production of client stories for the press at an early age. At Prep School in New England, he learned the value of pairing creativity with a rigorous work ethic, an ideal that has served him and his clients well. During college, at the University Of Pittsburgh, he studied within one of the most competitive Philosophy departments in the nation under Professors who have had books published on logic, metaphysics as well as political philosophy. Constantine’s acumen for searching out angles in vast complex texts, pitching those angles to professors, and molding audiences’ perceptions, was the keystone with which his public relations work would be built upon.

After graduation in 2005, upon his return to New York, Constantine Panagiotatos spent an afternoon with his father in Greenwich Village at the Cinema Village Theater watching the BBC documentary “Century Of The Self” about Edward Bernays. There he knew what his calling was and work began:

At Cataldi Public Relations, Inc. he delivered account support for WWE and placed fuse music channel’s talent on national broadcast segments on Fox Live and Fox and Friends. Constantine also helped in coordination of a client’s appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. Further, he landed placements in The Huffington Post for Independent Film Channel and TNT, among others.

When his friend started the company Gramercy Auctions, Constantine was invited to write all marketing materials for their commercial and industrial real estate clients. Constantine placed one of the auction events in the New York Times Metro Section.

The call for diverse new challenges beckoned and Constantine Panagiotatos brought his talents to political campaigning, where he served as Media Relations Specialist for a New York State Assembly Woman. On the campaign he played a key role in her decisive victory, though strategic media outreach along with interview prepping and speech writing. His work also supported a New York State Senator’s campaign run that year.

Forecasting that future work with clients required a dynamic background, and not to be held down to just one media role, Constantine accepted an offer to write copy for heavyweight digital advertising agency Psyop, inc. The project had a strict deadline, with no room for delay and Constantine delivered all content for their website, which showcased their digital work on commercials for Sprite, Allstate Insurance, Pepsi and LG, among others. The quality of work he produced within such a short turn-around, earned Constantine the praise of Producers.

Sports have always been a key to Constantine’s belief in discipline, teamwork and effort, so amidst all the hustle of diverse creative roles, Constantine Panagiotatos found time to coach soccer at the well regarded Buckley School in Manhattan. There he was popular with students for delivering an exciting brand of team direction and work ethic (although he preferred laughing with the students as opposed to disciplining them.)

As the Publicist for the restoration announcement of the ship Trireme Olympias, Constantine handled investor relations and crisis control regarding the ship’s premature exit from the London 2012 Olympics. He also strategized the voice of the Trireme’s website and social media presence.

Most recently he helped launch The New York Yankees Limited Edition fragrance at Full Picture, landing it in ESPN The Magazine and Maxim. At Full Picture he contributed to ghost written content on behalf of a popular fashion photographer and star of a nationally broadcasted show. He also wrote content for celebrities and wrote ghost content for awards submissions on behalf of a mega women’s fashion brand.

In his free time Constantine loves to travel, visit with his Greek grandmother to eat great food and hear her latest church gossip. He has a cat Bateman, and an elder dog named Madison who now lives in Connecticut with his semi-retired parents. He loves going to live concerts, hanging out with punk bands, as well as going to museums and live readings. He is a member of the Alexander S. Onassis Club, where he participates in events at Carnegie Hall. Constantine’s favorite brands are Brooks Brothers, Top Man, Barbour, Vans Alexander McQueen and J. Crew. He hopes to get married and have children in the NYC area someday; in the meantime, he is enjoying helping clients exceed their goals and dreaming about unfinished Excel status reports while replaying epic New York Football Giants Superbowls in his mind; he can actually do both at the same time.



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Constantine Panagiotatos's Education

University Of Pittsburgh


Activities: Club rugby, Pitt Hellenic Students Assoc., Intern: Office of Mayor Luke Luke Ravenstahl

The Hyde School, Bath ME

Activities: MAISAD and New England Prep League soccer champions. Crew, 1st Boat.

The Harvey School, Katonah NY

Activities: Middle school rugby

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Publicity, Soccer, rugby, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, investor relations, shipping